Anti Aging Facial Masks You Can Make at Home

woman using an anti aging face mask

Everywhere we look, people are remaining younger longer. It seems like Jennifer Aniston, and other celebrities have looked the same age for the last decade. Is the secret in their anti-aging facial treatments?

There are plenty of ingredients that are responsible for the anti-aging effects that you see in creams and masks that you find that your drug store and beauty counter. The question is what do you use when making an anti-aging facial mask at home?

Green Tea Extract

According to WebMD, one of the best anti-aging ingredients is green tea extract. Green tea extract is a concentrated version of Green Tea.

Green tea has plenty of antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for the oxidative damage. You may be familiar with oxidative damage on your face in the form of wrinkles.

Caffeic Acid

In addition to green tea, another great ingredient that cosmetic companies use to help you keep that youthful glow is caffeine. Caffeine is contained in both green tea and coffee.

Using coffee in your anti-aging facial mask also gives you added benefits of reduced inflammation due to the Caffeic acid. You got both benefits from the coffee grounds and green tea extract for caffeine. Moreover, the added benefit of the Caffeic acid when using the coffee grounds.

If you want to pack a double punch of the Caffeic acid, then you need to find argan oil. Argan oil is not only full of wonderful anti-aging properties, but it will serve to moisturize your face when in this facemask.

Beta Carotene

Another popular anti-aging ingredient that many companies use is beta-carotene. What is beta-carotene? Beta-carotene is a well-known vitamin, vitamin A.

Vitamin A can be found in many over-the-counter products that you consume on a daily basis. Carrots are a prime example of a beta-carotene deliverer that you can use in a facial mask.


Bring on the potatoes. Yes, I said potatoes. One of the reasons you want to use potatoes is because they have amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Using potato in  your anti-aging facemask will help reduce inflammation and dark circles under your eyes as well as any inflammation you have due to acne or zits.

Before I tell you to stick everything in a blender and put it on your face, I wanted to tell you why you should use these specific ingredients.

Using green tea, coffee grounds, Argan Oil, ground carrots, ground potatoes, and sticking them on your face sounds pretty disgusting. In fact, unless you use some essential oils to scent it, it may even smell a little disgusting.

That doesn’t change the fact that all of these ingredients are amazing in treating the signs of aging. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory capabilities that most of the ingredients have are unbeaten in nature.

Many chemicals in anti-aging creams and masks use derivatives of these products. So using these whole, natural products on your face will give you similar benefits to using expensive masks you find at the drugstore or beauty counter.

How to make the face mask:

● In a food processor, you will want to put one large organic carrot peeled, and one medium potato peeled.

● Pulse the potatoes and carrot until they are well ground.

● Please to drop referrals of green tea extract into the potato and carrot mixture.

● Place three tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee.

● Finally, add 2 tablespoons of argan oil. You may need to adjust the amount of oil to change the consistency of the facemask to stay on your face.

● Once all of the ingredients are in a food processor pulse until well blended together.

● Refrigerate for 30 to 40 minutes or until all ingredients are cool. If you used refrigerated ingredients, to begin with, you don’t need to do this step.

● Place on your face for 30 to 40 minutes while relaxing, watching your favorite show or reading a book.






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