14 Ways to Care for Your Skin

1. Eat Your Greens

Dark leafy greens are packed with antioxidants. Good for anti aging and radiant skin.

2. Use Milk

Milk naturally softens your skin. Add a little to your baths and you can even use it to wash your face.

3. Erase Wrinkles with Retinoids

Retinoids improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

4. Eat Oysters

An excellent source of zinc, which is a key nutrient for your skin

5. Hydration

Drink lots of water, your skin needs the hydration. Also use products that contain hyaluronic acid to help hydrate your skin.

6. Avocados

Avocados are an excellent source of vitamins C, E and healthy fats. Eat them and use them in face masks.

7. Exfoliate Regularly

It evens out your skin tone, removes dead skin cells and leaves skin radiant.

8. Sunblock

Always apply an SPF 30, or higher, sunblock before you go outside.

9. Get Enough Sleep

Good sleep reduces stress and promotes relaxation that is great for skin health and appearance.

10. Eat Foods Containing Antioxidants

They protect your skin from the free radicals that causes premature aging.

11. Cell Phones

Don’t hold your cell phone close to your face for long periods of time. It can create rashes and breakouts.

12. Put Yogurt on Your Face

Apply natural yogurt to your face and leave it on for five minutes. It will cool your skin, help to keep the pH balance and control inflammation.

13. Use Eggs on Your Face

Solve oily skin problems with an egg white face mask

14. Make a Homemade Scrub for Soft Skin

Mix equal measures of olive oil and sugar to create your own facial and body scrub.

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